Credit Card numbers leak in Magento

There’s no unbreakable protection. You may have the hosting provider with a great security: firewalls, antiviruses, malware protection etc., but.. Are you sure that your home/office computer is protected enough, and your neighbor is absolutely trusted person? It worth nothing to grab saved passwords, cookies, RSA keys from some computer and get an ability to […]

Simple script to find base64_decode in your files

If you have a large site with a lot of files it can be very difficult, or at least very time consuming to locate any obfuscated php code on your site. This simple script will work on most, not all sites. The script is a PHP script so your server/site must support PHP for it […]

Magento upgrade with SQL error after migrate

Magento upgrade with SQL error is a terrible thing Today, when I do Magento upgrade and migrate for customer from Magento 1.6 to Magento 2.1.0. I receive this error . The method I use to upgrade is clone from github and using composer to upgrade (not using zip file). Below are the errors I receive after […]

How to draw shapes with CSS3

Today is weekend but all my friends are busy. It sounds boring, so I sit here to write some tricks about drawing shapes with css3. All of below use only HTML element, and may be IE below version 10 is not display correctly. Square

Vertical-align content using CSS, HTML

Lastweek, I worked on project and stuck at make a vertical-align content center. I was spent all night long for searching. Now, when project completed, I write this post to share what I have learned. Hope it help for you to vertical-align content everything Now! let’s vertical-align